Outsourcing unit

Outsource your office operations...


Patwagroup.com has been formed to tap the ever growing Outsourcing market by use of state of the art technology and the in-house capability.


Why India?

The capability of the Indian skilled is now known world wide and not a secret any more. The offshore outsourcing model was first made successful by India, the first player to provide outsourced services as far back as a decade. Skilled manpower costs in India are significantly lower than in the other countries. Besides a vast pool of talent and a remarkable fluency in English, India has two other traits of a successful offshore region - mainly a rapidly growing infrastructure and a proven experience of doing business with the West.

We, at Patwagroup.com have the qualified people with substantial experience and strive to achieve nothing but the best to the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

Availability of cheap skilled work force is the core competency of India as a whole. We have the best of them with us !!

There is a continuous monitoring, supervision, guidance and training being given to each team member to ensure that he is fully aware of the latest trends and developments. Not only that, each member is trained to be client focused and knows his role in the entire set up, the importance of his contribution to the ultimate result and strives to achieve and improve his contribution by the method of continuous feed back with other team member and the team leader.

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