Offshore Software Development

Software Development

Our years of experience in the Local Marketing services for offshore companies, Relations with Pharmaceutical sector, Marketing for Manufacturing units across India , Importing Machineries & Exporting Textile goods and Accountancy operations, equips us to understand your business and incorporate industry best practices into the Software offshore services we offer. This enables us to bridge the gap between your business challenges and technology initiatives. Our core competencies and certified processes for IT offshore outsourcing services, reduce development and implementation time, thereby enabling faster time-to-market. Our relationship with our offshore clients is one of the most compelling examples of successful offshore partnership, saving them considerable amount of money while providing shorter time-to-market.

Our IT offshore outsourcing model, which is a fine blend of onsite, offsite and offshore software development processes, is the underlying principle of all our development activities. We offer 24-hour software services through a core onsite team, backed by a vast pool of hard-to-find talent across our offshore development center locations in India.

Our framework is backed by very strong project management and collaboration mechanisms. Regardless of the different approaches to software development, our offshore development center model has balanced levels of rigidity and flexibility.

Benefits Offered

a) A giant office space and Computerized environment with broadband connection.

b) Optimal, high-quality resources for offering high-quality software and Consistent access to expertise, people, support and infrastructure.

c) Enhanced and skilled service levels, Qualified and well experienced Computer Engineers to monitor and supervise the work.

d) Significant economic advantage in terms of lowering of cost and savings.

e) Extended work hours resulting in faster project completion and better tie-ups.

f) Quality and Project Control de-risked

g) Speed of implementation that shortens time to market, ensuring operational efficiency

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